Posted on: September 19, 2017

Lochbuie Comprehensive Plan & Land Development Code Website

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The Comprehensive Plan is a planning document required by municipalities by Colorado state law. A Comprehensive Plan is designed to serve as the town’s “blue print” for future development. 

Elements included in the Lochbuie Comprehensive Plan will be Planning Context, Economic Development, Land Use, Circulation and Transportation, Public Facilities and Services, Parks and Recreation, Tourism and Sustainability. 

The Land Development Code provides regulatory guidance on zoning, subdivisions, signage and other land use components, and is a key tool in implementing a Comprehensive Plan.

The tabs on this website provide access to the following information:

Project Overview. This menu will give you access to background information on this project. Look here for an overview of the Comprehensive Plan and Development Code update process.

Public Engagement. One of the most critical elements of a Comprehensive Plan is to create a community-based plan that builds consensus and support from the public. Public engagement is designed to involve and capture all segments of the population. Your involvement is encouraged throughout the process with workshops and public meetings.

Community planning is a collaborative effort. Make your voice part of the discussion.

Resources. Want to track down any files related to the project? This is where you will find them. All materials prepared for workshops, newsletters, and draft and final documents will be posted here for your review. This section also includes useful links to other resources for the project, like published maps.

Contact Us or Send Comments. To join the project e-mail list and receive notices on upcoming events, click the orange tab on the far left side of this page. To send us a comment on anything about the project you would like us to know, click the green tab on the far left side of the page. You aren’t limited to submitting just one comment either. You are able to submit as many as you like. 

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