Posted on: November 2, 2017

Town of Lochbuie Snow Plowing Procedures

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If snowfall is predicted to exceed two inches, Town crews will plow and treat Priority 1 and Priority 2 routes, beginning when two inches of snow has accumulated.The Town uses de-icing materials and anti-icing techniques including; Ice-Slicer/Abrasives which substitute for salt and sand (The Town does not use Salt & Sand for treatment)

Priority 1

WCR 37-  WCR 2 to WCR 6

WCR 2- WCR 37 to Freestone St.

Willow Dr. - Locust St. to Homestead Ave.

Bonanza Blvd.-WCR 2 to Lilac Dr.

Valdai Ave.- Lilac Dr. to WCR 37

Locust Dr.- Bonanza Blvd. to Prairie Ave.

Prairie Ave.- Bonanza Blvd. to Locust Dr.

Lilac Dr.- WCR 37 to Locust St.

Locust St.- Bonanza Blvd. to Lilac Dr.

Wagon Trail Ave.- Willow Dr. to WCR2

Jewel St.- WCR 2 to Jade Ave

Fletcher Ave.- Jewel St. to Cable St.

Freestone St.- Jade St. to WCR 2

WCR4- Town boundary to WCR 39

Provide 1 block radius access to schools

Priority 2

Zante Way- Valdai Ave. to Valdai Ave.

Lonewolf Cir.- Willow Dr. to Willow Dr.

Meadowlark Cir.- Willow Dr. to Willow Dr.

Ravine Ct., Meadowlark Ln. and Stampede Way, - Willow Dr. to Willow Dr.

Stampede Dr. and Cherokee Pl.- Locust Dr. to Prairie Ave.

Wenatchee St.- Willow Dr. to Locust St.

Zante St.- Willow Dr. to Locust St.

Vista Blvd.- Park Blvd. to WCR 37

Hermosa St.- Aquamarine Dr. to Jade Ave

Aquamarine Dr.- Gem Way to Jewel St.

WCR6- Burlington Ditch to WCR 39

WCR 39- WCR 4 to WCR 6

Plowing/Treating of Non-Designated Streets:

Under certain snowstorm conditions it may be necessary to plow all streets (one single pass down the middle of the street) in the Town. (Residential streets are not plowed or treated unless there is a 4 inch or more accumulation of snow on the roadway surface in a 24 hour period)

Residents should recognize that when plowing residential streets, ONLY ONE PASS SHALL BE MADE DOWN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET PROVIDING A SINGLE TRAVEL LANE. This method will leave a windrow of snow on either and/or both sides of the street including in front of each resident’s driveway. The Town may make multiple trips down a street if snowfall conditions warrant. The Town will not clear snow from driveway openings on any street.

***According to Town Code, citizens have 24 hours after a storm to shovel their walks; by waiting to clear sidewalks until the storm is over and the streets have been plowed, the problem of having to repeatedly shovel walks is minimized.

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